Forno a camera, isolamento in fibre ceramiche - HTK KE



Chamber furnaces of type HTK KE furnaces are insulated with ceramic fibre.

The rectangular design with a front door allows for easy loading and unloading. The HTK range is available in up to six different sizes. The smallest designs with a capacity of 8 litres and 25 litres are typically employed by laboratories for research and development. The 80 litre, 220 litre, 400 litre or 600 litre furnaces are predominantly used as pilot manufacturing systems or large scale production.

The furnaces can be used under a defined Oxygen mixture or 100 % pure Oxygen. The heating elements are CrFeAl, allowing temperatures of up to 1350 °C, or MoSi2 that allow temperatures up to 1800 °C. Inert gas atmospheres are possible; however, poor atmospheric quality must be accepted. Due to the porous nature of the insulation, vacuum operation is limited to a rough vacuum range for short durations.

Esempi applicativi

ceramic injection moulding (CIM), debinding in air, sintering in air

caratteristiche standard

  • Hydrogen partial pressure operation if requested
  • Operation under air or with 100 % Oxygen in the HTK KE
  • Precisely controlled vacuum pumping speeds appropriate for powders
  • Registrazione dati per controllo qualità

Dettagli Tecnici

View inside of the HTK KE
  1. frame
  2. water cooled vessel
  3. heating cassette
  4. groove for the sealing
  5. front door
  6. graphite insulation

Inside the chamber, heating elements are positioned at the bottom, left, right, and top sides of the furnace chamber allowing for improved temperature uniformity. For larger volumes, the back wall and front are equipped with heating elements to maintain excellent temperature uniformity. The HTK W, HTK MO, HTK GR and HTK KE furnaces are surrounded by a water cooled vessel; thus classifying, the HTK systems as a cold wall furnace. The cooling water is guided through the double walled vessel.

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