Forni a camera ad alta temperatura fino a 1800°C - HTKE



The HTKE is a compact chamber furnace with MoSi2 heating elements and low-mass, ceramic fibre insulation. Careful design of the insulation ensures optimal temperature uniformity.

The HTKE chamber furnace is available in usable volumes of 32, 64, and 128 litres. Upon request, a maximum volume of 250 litres can be supplied. The chamber is heated by MoSi2 heating elements that are mounted in a vertical, hanging orientation from the top of the furnace on both the right and left sides of the furnace chamber. The installed power, insulation material and insulation thickness define the maximum temperatures achievable.

The HTKE is designed for a maximum temperature of 1600 °C, 1700 °C, or 1800 °C. Heat treatment is only possible in air. An additional gas supply, with hand valve and rotameter, can be supplied, which results in a slight modification of the atmosphere that will only suppress the Oxygen level as the system is not sealed. As a result, the HTKE is ideal for sintering ceramics and oxide ceramics. A temperature uniformity of better than ± 5 K is achievable.

The temperature is controlled by a type B thermocouple, which is inserted into a ceramic protection sheath. For unattended operation, an over-temperature thermocouple with controller is recommended.

If debinding is required before sintering, Carbolite Gero offers a debinding package for the HTKE. The debinding package consists of an inlet for preheated air, several gas inlets, and an afterburner. The preheated air is symmetrically purged at several gas inlets into the furnace, which improves temperature uniformity at low temperatures and sample envelopment by the incoming air. All gaseous by-products generated during the debinding process are combusted in an afterburner that is driven by propane gas and compressed air. At the completion of the debinding step, the furnace temperature will increase to begin the sintering process.

Esempi applicativi

annealing, ceramic injection molding (CIM), debinding, debinding in air, degassing, drying, drying, sintering, sintering in air, sublimation, synthesis, tempering

caratteristiche standard

  • Sintering up to 1800 °C in air
  • Debinding in air with the debinding package
  • High performance ceramic fibre insulation
  • Uniform temperature distribution
  • Short heating and cooling rates
  • Manual operation
  • Data recording option

Dettagli Tecnici

View inside of the HTKE chamber furnace:
  1. heating elements (MoSi2)
  2. ceramic fibre insulation
  3. front door
  4. supporting frame
  5. thermocouple
  6. usable space

MoSi2, U-shaped heating elements are mounted in a vertical, hanging position in the HTKE. Heat is insulated with ceramic fibre plates which are constructed in layers with a suited thickness for improved temperature uniformity. The maximum temperature of the plates is selected depending on the maximum temperature of the furnace.

Water cooling is not required as the insulation material has low heat conductance. The system is externally cooled by convection of ambient air and encased by the metallic plates. The MoSi2 heating elements are especially suited for high temperature processes. At high temperatures, the MoSi2 naturally creates a protective oxide layer. Outstanding temperature uniformity and compact design are unique features of the HTKE chamber furnace.

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