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  • High Temperature Furnace for Heat Treatment of Superconducting Magnets at CERN

    The high temperature furnace GLO 10 000 KE/09-1G from CARBOLITE GERO is tailored for the heat treatment of superconducting coils for CERN. The plant, which is going into full operation at the CERN site in the middle of this year, was introduced in detail to the technical press on 18 March 2016 by CARBOLITE GERO at its premises in Neuhausen.
  • Condensate-free debinding with vacuum furnaces

    Today techniques like pressing, rapid prototyping, powder metallurgy, siliconization and sintering are widely used production methods. Sintering, for example, is only the last step of a near-net-shape fabrication technology. Many processes, such as metal injection molding (MIM) for example, require a debinding step prior to the actual sintering.

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