Rotating Horizontal Split Tube Furnace - RHZS



The Carbolite Gero horizontal rotating tube furnace allows for the work tube to be easily removed and replaced.

This 3-zone split tube furnace has a maximum operating temperature of 1150 °C and is based on the dependable Carbolite Gero HZS 12/900. The three heating zones have an overall heated length of 900 mm and the furnace frame can be easily adjusted between horizontal and approximately 10 ° from horizontal incline.

The work tube, with an inner diameter of up to 75 mm, is easily removed and replaced by opening the split tube furnace and pulling to one side the vibratory feeder and the 5 litre collection hopper. A safety switch automatically stops the tube from rotating and the furnace from heating when the furnace is opened.

caratteristiche standard

  • 1150 °C maximum operating temperature
  • 3216P1 programmer and 3216CC end zone controller options
  • 3-zone temperature control
  • Accepts work tube with outer diameter of 86 mm and inner diameter of 75 mm
  • Variable tilt and rotation speeds gives great flexibility of residence time
  • Work tube rotation speed 1.5 to 10.0 revolutions per minute
  • Heated length of 900 mm
  • The temperature controllers and associated equipment are housed within the integral control box
  • Serpentine di alta qualità garantiscono un riscaldamento veloce, un'eccellente uniformità di temperatura e tempi di raffreddamento molto brevi
  • Vibratory feeder & hopper

Opzioni (specificare all'ordine)

  • Ceramic or metal work tubes available
  • Optional feeders
  • Inert gas packages available on request

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