Forni tubolari apribili fino a 1700°C - HTRV-A



Split tube furnaces, type HTRV-A, can be operated in both a vertical and horizontal position up to 1700°C.

The central bisection of the heating module allows for an easy ­positioning of specimen or firmly installed reaction assemblies. The opening facility of the furnace allows faster cooling of the specimen.

The insulation consists of light, multi-layer fiber material. The standard equipment of the furnaces also include a control TC which is installed in the center of the zone.

Special versions and a comprehensive range of accessories complete our available options.

Esempi applicativi

annealing, carbonisation, crystal growth, debinding, degassing, drying, glowing, hardening, metal injection molding (MIM), pyrolyses, rapid prototyping, sintering, sublimation, synthesis, tempering

caratteristiche standard

  • Optimized for vertical usage
  • Vacuum equipment available
  • Inert and reactive gas equipment available
  • High grade thermocouple type B
  • Low thermal mass ceramic fibre insulation
  • High quality MoSi2 heating elements in a vertical, hanging position

Opzioni (specificare all'ordine)

  • Rectangular housing with holes for convection cooling
  • Cascade control
  • Protezione Over-temperature (consigliata per proteggere il contenuto di valore e per operatività senza sorveglianza) 
  • E' disponibile un ampio range di sofisticati controller digitali, programmatori multi-segmento e data loggers, che possono essere collegati tramite RS232, RS485 o Ethernet.

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