Forni tubolari apribili fino a 1350°C - FST/FZS



The split tube furnace type FST/FZS can be operated in both vertical and horizontal orientations up to 1300 °C

The split tube arrangement of the heating module allows for an easy positioning of the work tube or even whole reactors with multiple adapters. The opening mechanism of the furnace allows faster cooling of the sample as well. The insulation consists of light, multi-layer fibre material.

The split rectangular housing with slots for convection cooling provides a cool outer case at any point of time. A bracket handle is attached to the upper half of the split tube furnace with two quick-action clamps to safely lock the furnace. The two furnace halves are made of vacuum formed fibre modules with heating elements mounted to the insulation by a ceramic holding ridge. A safety door switch protects personnel by switching off the heating elements immediately upon opening the door.

This split tube furnace is available as a single-zone version (FST) as well as a three-zone version (FZS) for comprehensive temperature control.

Customized versions and a comprehensive range of tube furnace accessories complete the available options.

Esempi applicativi

ageing, annealing, brazing, calcination, catalyst research, CIM, coating, CVD, degassing, drying, hardening, MIM, miniplants, pyrolysis, sintering, soldering, sublimation, synthesis, tempering, test fuel cells, thermocouple calibration

caratteristiche standard

  • Use in horizontal or vertical orientation
  • Exceptional long lifetime and temperature stability
  • Vacuum equipment available
  • Inert and reactive gas equipment available
  • High grade thermocouple type S
  • Low thermal mass ceramic fibre insulation
  • High quality 5 mm APM wire as heating element
  • Large flanges can stay attached to the tube
  • Intricately shaped tubes and tube accessory configurations (e. g. reactors with many inlets and outlets) can be placed in the heating zone without disassembly
  • For split tube furnaces, we offer robustly shaped ceramic half tubes to protect the heating elements and for sample holding

Opzioni (specificare all'ordine)

  • Cascade control
  • Protezione Over-temperature (consigliata per proteggere il contenuto di valore e per operatività senza sorveglianza) 
  • E' disponibile un ampio range di sofisticati controller digitali, programmatori multi-segmento e data loggers, che possono essere collegati tramite RS232, RS485 o Ethernet.

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